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(December 2009)

Um...yeah, I will never get these 3 hours back. Reportedly it took James Cameron 3 years to make this movie, unfortunately it seems like he only spent about 20 minutes of that time writing the script.

The basic premise of Avatar is of a corporation trying to obtain a precious mineral called "unobtainium" on a foreign planet. This unobtainium is, of course, inconveniently located under the holy tree of the indigenous people called the Na'vi (big blue aliens). Jake Sulley and a small band of scientists try to infiltrate the na'vi and talk them into leaving their lands before the military comes in and crushes them all. From here the plot follows the same lines as Dances with Wolves.

The plot is predictable and the dialog is completely uninspired. The affects are the only appealing thing to the movie. Cameron has created a beautiful world for us all to see, to bad he filled it with uninteresting characters.

Bottom line - If you decide to give in to the curiosity factor and watch Avatar do yourself a favor and just rent it from Red Box for $1.

PG-13 for intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking.


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